You fail to realize what all that fuss is about until you actually take go on a vacation to Dubai. Famous for its superlatives, Dubai (population: 2.1 million) is the city that you usually associate with words such as largest, richest, tallest, biggest and fastest. The city may not have the glitz of Vegas nor its casinos and showgirls, but it does offer a mesmerizing combination of an old-world Bedouin lifestyle and some of the most futuristic architecture on the planet to leave you spell-bound.

It is impossible not to admire Dubai for its ability to create landmarks that most countries can only dream of. Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet and home to the world’s highest observation deck; Dubai Mall, home to the largest in-house aquarium; and Burj Al Arab, the first 7-star hotel in the world; are just some of the things to see in Dubai. And we’re not even counting those delightful experiences of the Wild Wadi Waterpark or those culture-driven trips to Bedouin camps in the desert. A tour to Dubai is something you won’t regret so go book those tickets and tours. 

Quick Facts

  • Population: 2.82 Million
  • Size: 4,114 km2
  • High Season: November to March
  • Good Season: October to April
  • Currency: UAE Dirham AED ( 1 $ = 3.67 AED )
  • Country Code: +971
  • Time Zone: UTC +04:00
  • Language :Arabic

Tour Highlights

  • Soar above the world at Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building
  • Discover the gold and spice souks of old Dubai
  • Ride a camel
  • Take in an incredible show at the Dubai Fountain
  • Visit an aquarium and ice rink, all inside the Dubai Mall
  • Take a dhow cruise from the marina
  • Ski or snowboard down the slopes of Ski Dubai
  • Slide down a chute into a shark tank at Atlantis water park

Travel Tips

      • The best way to get around Dubai is by taxi. It’s inexpensive, efficient, and saves you the headache of trying to drive around the congested city. Always make sure the taxi uses a meter before setting off.
      • Dubai Airport is one of the busiest in the world. Be prepared for queues and crowds, no matter what time of day your flight lands.
      • No matter what time of year you visit, the weather in Dubai is generally very hot. Have no fear, though – air conditioning is virtually everywhere.
      • Dubai is certainly not a budget destination! Meals and activities can be very expensive, and the shopping options are endless with luxury goods and worldwide brands.
      • Never take photos of people without their permission, especially women.
      • Don’t worry about language barriers, as most people in Dubai speak English.

Dubai has seasonal weather so please do check up on the best time to visit Dubai before planning your tour. And if you’re still hunting for more things to do and places to explore in Dubai, do check out our Dubai Travel Guide for more information.

Tours and activities in Dubai

Dubai, along with its sister cities in the UAE, is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Combining a deep Arab-Islamic tradition with the opulence and technological splendor of modern times, Dubai has managed to carve out a special place for itself in the world of tourism. Whether it is the impossibly designed buildings and housing projects, or the variety of world-class shopping options, Dubai is set to win over the hearts of those who visit.

Top 3 attractions in Dubai:

  • The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building at 828 m, is a must-see feat of architecture and engineering. It has two observation decks on the 124th (452 m) and 148th (555 m) floors and a restaurant-bar on the 122nd.
  • Wild Wadi Water Park is a popular spot where you can plunge down high-velocity slides, ride a water roller coaster, body surf artificial waves, float down a lazy river or just relax in a large water playground with smaller slides and water guns.
  • Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world with over 1200 stores. Its home to some of the world best-known brands and a giant ice rink, aquarium, indoor theme parks and hundreds of food outlets

Other things to do and see in Dubai:

  • Take a 4×4 Dubai desert safari in the evening and enjoy an exhilarating drive through the dunes at sunset.
  • You can also enjoy sand boarding and quad-biking on the slippery sands.
  • Soar high up the emirate desert in a hot air balloon to witness unending desert vistas and learn about the desert wildlife (gazelles and camels).
  • Visit historic sites which depict Dubai’s bygone era including Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, the village of Hatta, Heritage Island, Dubai Museum, and various other heritage and diving villages.
  • Shop till you drop and enjoy the finest shopping experience anywhere in the world. Dubai has close to a hundred malls, not including dozens of other shopping locales and markets.
  • Take an architectural tour of Dubai and see all the splendid buildings, bridges and landmarks of this ultra-modern city.

The climate of Dubai:

  • Dubai is located within the Northern Desert Belt and hence has a tropical desert climate
  • Summers (April-October) are hot and humid with an average high around 41°C and low around 30°C. Mid-summers can get extreme with temperatures soaring up to the late 40s
  • Winters (January-March) are warm and short with an average high of 23°C and low of 14°C
  • Dubai remain clear and sunny throughout the year. However, rainfall increases during November-December and is more intensified during January-February, which are the wettest months.
  • December-March is warm and is considered to be the most comfortable climate of the year
  • Between May and early July sandstorms can hit the city.


  • The official currency of the the UAE is Dirham (AED or Arab Emirate Dirham) and some businesses will accept US Dollars, GB Pounds or Euros but the exchange rates may vary markedly from place to place.
  • It is advisable that you change your currency beforehand or carry a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) that can be used in the UAE.


Whether you are on a short transit in Dubai or you are here for longer, you will always find something to do or see in this ultra-modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan city. This pearl in the middle of the desert is not to be missed by any serious traveler.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dubai Tour Packages

Q 1. What can you see in Dubai in 5 days?

A. A 5-day Dubai tour may not be enough to explore Dubai entirely, but it can take you around its major attractions. To get some insights, have a look at the given below itinerary to see the best of Dubai in 5 days:
Day 1: After arrival in Dubai, take some rest at your hotel and enjoy Dhow cruise later in the evening.
Day 2: While the morning is set for city tour of Dubai, on the other hand, the evening is packed for Dubai Desert Safari followed by BBQ dinner.
Day 3: Enjoy at 124th floor of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa and explore the shopping options in Dubai Mall Later, visit Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.
Day 4: Enjoy the famous Dubai theme parks or water parks.
Day 5: Save some time for shopping in the morning. Later, it’s time to catch your return flight from Dubai airport.

Q 2. What is the most budget-friendly month to travel to Dubai?

A. The cheapest time to fly to Dubai and book cost-effective packages starts in May and ends in September as due to extreme summers. In vacation-friendly months, October/November and February to April are less expensive as compared to December and January because these two months mark the maximum crowd due to annual Festivals and New Year extravaganza. You can lower your expenses by pre-booking your Dubai holidays.

Q 3. Is Dubai good for a family holiday?

A. Undoubtedly, Dubai is one of the ideal family destinations to choose from as there is a lot to do and a lot to see for every age group. There are many theme parks and water parks where you can have unlimited fun with your kids. You can experience the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, Desert Safari, visit Underwater Zoo & Dubai Miracle Garden, have fun at beaches, enjoy cruise dinner, and many more amazing options.

Q 4. What is the best place to visit in Dubai if I’m traveling with family?

A. While booking a Dubai travel package for your family, make sure your travel agency includes the following tourist attractions:
• Dubai Mall
• Burj Khalifa
• Desert Safari
• Dhow Cruise Dinner in Marina
• Palm Jumeirah
• Abu Dhabi City tour with visit to Ferrari World

Q 5. Which is the best time to visit Dubai?

A. The best time to book a Dubai tour package is the period starting from October to March. Due to pleasant weather and an annual shopping festival which is generally held between December and January, most of the travelers visit Dubai at this time. Though it is a costly affair to visit Dubai during peak season, planning well in advance and choosing the best travel companies can help you visit Dubai within your pocket size.

Q 6. How much does the Dubai trip cost?

A. The cost of a Dubai trip depends upon various factors such as the source from where you’re traveling, visa fees, your period of stay, accommodation options, local transport mode, and more. However, an average and budget Dubai land package costs nearly AED 1,299 per person including airport transfers and stays in a 3-star hotel.

Q 7. Is visiting Dubai Expensive?

A. Visiting Dubai can be as expensive or as cheap holiday destination for tourists as they want it to be. Firstly, it depends on the time you’re visiting Dubai. For example, if you book a package from May to September, it will be cheaper. However, between December and February, it can be costlier since most of the annual festivals in Dubai are held during this period.

Q 8. How many days are enough to visit Dubai?

A. Dubai has numerous tourist attractions that can’t be covered within a definite number of days. But a decent stay of 4-5 days can help you cover the main elements of the Dubai skyline.

Q 9. How can I get a cheap holiday to Dubai?

A. To fit the tour in the budget, the very first thing you need to do is book a maximum of tickets like airfare, hotel bookings, etc. in advance when prices are low. Choosing a hotel in budget and traveling by the cheapest public transport will also help you save pennies.

Q 10. Should I go all-inclusive in Dubai?

A. An all-inclusive Dubai tour package is highly recommended as both food and transportation can burn a hole in your pocket. Hence, going all-inclusive will avoid unexpected expenses.

Q 11. Is Dubai worth visiting?

A. There’s no denying fact that Dubai is worth visiting. A Dubai tour package for 4-5 days is ideal for a family trip. Since it is home to the world’s tallest tower and busiest airport, it is also one of the most-visited destinations worldwide. Giving you once-in-a-lifetime experience, the top experiences in Dubai include desert safari, cruise dinner, Burj Khalifa, theme parks, water parks, Dubai Miracle Garden, The Lost Chambers Aquarium, and more.

Q 12. Do I need a visa for Dubai?

A. Dubai offers visas on arrival for some countries and for others, the tourists need to apply for a visa in advance. For illustration, a valid US visa holder can get a visa on arrival while Indians need to apply for a visa in advance.

Q 13. Is Dubai a good beach holiday spot?

A. Dubai is undoubtedly a good beach vacation spot. Firstly, the weather throughout the year makes it an ideal excuse to stay at the beach. Another reason is the world’s largest artificial island, the Palm Jumeirah. Also, Dubai beaches offer lavish clubs where international DJs play the best music.

Q 14. Is Dubai good for honeymoon?

A. Dubai makes it a preferred choice for honeymoon couples as it offers an endless list of romantic and memorable experiences such as sailing across the sea in a cruise while relishing dinner with soothing background music, experiencing the worlds’ tallest building together and creating a memory for a lifetime at Burj Khalifa, an incredible nightlife and enjoying desert safari together with dune bashing.

Q 15. How much does a Dubai honeymoon trip cost?

A. Though there are many factors contributing to the cost of a honeymoon trip, however, for a couple, on an average Dubai tour starts at AED 2,200 inclusive of stay at a 4-star hotel, Limousine ride, dinner at the largest mega-yacht, visit an underwater zoo, Dubai Aquarium, Desert Safari, and airport transfers. You may customize the package or book it when the best deals are available.